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What is 

CRUZI is a personal urban cart.

Similar to a mid-range boutique baby stroller it is hip, stylish and highly functional.

Take it to the grocery store, mall, park, school, convention and conference center, festival, market, marina, gym, and sightseeing. 


And put your groceries, balls, books, computers, art supplies, toys, boots, coats, water bottles, cat litter, purse, packages, laundry soap, kid's backpacks, snack foods, boating stuff, and exercise equipment in it.

Possibly a litter of puppies, pumpkins, a year's worth of soap, dance leotards, and trophies (the odd recommended uses from friends).


Hello Everyone,

I am Gina Dillon, the founder & CEO of The CRUZI Company. I am a big fan of efficiency, wellness, and environmental efforts. My mission for CRUZI was to create a product that eliminates the hassle of baggage, allows people to explore in comfort, encourages people to walk more frequently, and does it all in an environmentally conscious way. I'm thrilled to introduce the CRUZI.

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Dinning Room with View
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NY Sign

Meet the Cruzi 

  • foldable 

  • light-weight

  • durable canvas bag

  • removable bag

  • zippered lid 

  • straps & handles

  • inside storage compartments

  • bottom storage hammock

  • frame has adjustable handle

  • holds 50kg/100lb

  • reflective for safety

  • brakes

  • smooth maneuvering

  • high quality construction

  • hip styling

Cruzi logo.png
Ferris Wheel


CRUZI in photo is Stage 3 Demonstration Prototype. It is 97% accurate.

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Shipment scheduled for September 2022.

Pre-orders open soon.

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