Our Story

It Began in
New York City..

I was in New York City for a conference, and I was pregnant, grumpy, and hungry. The hotel was charging $50 dollars for a muffin and a coffee. I decided to walk to the store to pick up a few things but I picked up a lot of things...too much to carry. On the way back to the hotel I saw an older woman sitting at a bus stop with a supermarket trolley full of groceries and I was thinking, how does she manage on the other end? I realized this is a problem for people of all ages in cities across the world because nobody likes to carry heavy loads. I realized the world needs a better trolley. So I created CRUZI: A fun, hip, stylish way to manage your stuff. Be more efficient. Be more productive — Go CRUZI!



Similar to a mid-range boutique baby stroller, CRUZI fills the void in the trolley/cart market. 

  • stylish, fun, design

  • light weight

  • forward pushing

  • easy to maneuver

  • holds a heavy load

  • removable bag for taxis and bus

  • collapsable frame

  • eco-friendly — designed to last

  • CRUZI will make you look good